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Inguinal Hernia (Child)

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - What it is

Inguinal hernia is a condition where loops of bowel protrude through a weak point in the groin area. At the seventh to eighth month of pregnancy, the testes of the baby move down into the scrotum through an area known as the inguinal canal.

After the baby is born, the inguinal canal closes to prevent the testes from moving back into the abdomen. However, if this area does not close off completely, loops of bowel can move into the same hole as testes and cause hernia. While girls do not have testes, they do have an inguinal canal and can develop hernia if the area is weakened. Inguinal hernia can occur on both sides of the groin, but more often on the right than the left.

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Diagnosis

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Preparing for surgery

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Post-surgery care

Inguinal Hernia (Child) - Other Information

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