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Brain Tumour Biopsy

Brain Tumour Biopsy - What it is


Brain Tumour

  • A brain tumour is an abnormal growth of cells present from the brain or its nerves or its coverings
  • It can arise from cells inside the brain/nerves/brain coverings, and can be cancerous or noncancerous
  • It can also be a cancerous growth that has spread to the brain from a cancer present in another part of the body

Tumour Biopsy

  • In some brain cancer cases, removal of some tumour tissue (biopsy) to confirm its nature and its suitability for further treatment (radiation therapy, chemotherapy) may be all that can be done
  • This biopsy is done with MRI-guidance using a special metal frame (frame-based) or a computerised neuronavigation system (frameless)
  • It can be done under Local or General anaesthesia
  • A small scalp incision is needed
  • A small opening, the size of a 10 cent coin, is made in the skull bone
  • A biopsy needle is inserted to take out samples of the brain tumour tissue

Brain Tumour Biopsy - Symptoms

Brain Tumour Biopsy - How to prevent?

Brain Tumour Biopsy - Diagnosis

Brain Tumour Biopsy - Preparing for surgery

Brain Tumour Biopsy - Post-surgery care

Brain Tumour Biopsy - Other Information

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