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Needy Patients Fund

​Every year, we support more than 1,200 SGH needy patients in areas like dialysis, equipment (i.e. diapers, wheelchair) and transplant services. These patients were provided financial assistance after exhausting all possible public assistance schemes.


Patient's Story

Mr Tan, 50 years old, is divorced with no children and lives alone in a 2-room rental flat. His parents have passed away and he shares a distant relationship with his six siblings. Mr Tan is currently medically unfit for work and had stopped work 10 years ago due to his multiple medical conditions such as diabetes, spinal stenosis, hypertension, cellulitis, retinopathy and obesity.

He has been certified by the doctor to be unfit for public transport permanently and would need to travel by taxi. It would have been impossible for Mr Tan to come for his weekly appointments without transport assistance from the Needy Patients Fund.


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