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Medical Students

SGH Department of Diagnostic Radiology (DDR) has a strong legacy in Medical Student Education. We support the development of our future doctors in Singapore and provide opportunities to international medical students to learn more about radiology. The department has faculty appointed radiologists from all three Singapore medical schools and we work closely with SingHealth Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme.

There are three main fields that we focus on:

  • Curriculum development
  • Medical student radiology electives (Clinical and Research)
  • Special projects and workshops

Curriculum Development

Radiologists from SGH DDR actively contribute new education content for students from all our partner medical schools in Singapore. In particular, we are deeply engaged with Duke-NUS medical school on the same campus, developing new educational content to support the learning journey of medical students. Radiology teachings may be embedded in clinical rotations or standalone programs held on campus. The department leverages on a strong and dedicated group of sub-specialist radiologists with a passion for educating future doctors.

Medical Student Radiology Electives

Our technology enhanced, elective programs are open to all local and international medical students and are run throughout the year. The international students we had hosted came from Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan and United Kingdom. We offer general and sub-specialised diagnostic radiology clinical electives, research electives, as well as combined radiological sciences (RADSC) electives that are run in collaboration with interventional radiology and nuclear medicine. In-person observership rotations to various stations are supplemented with online materials created in-house.

Elective programme options:

  • Duration: 1 week to 1 month (2 weeks rotations are most popular)
  • Types: Clinical, Research or Clinical with project (research or audit project)
  • Subject: General Radiology (Overview of all diagnostic radiology subspecialties; most popular) or sub-specialty specific

Diagnostic Radiology Sub-specialties and areas:

  • Neuroradiology
  • Neurointerventional radiology
  • Head and Neck radiology
  • Chest radiology
  • Body radiology (chest, abdomen and pelvis)
  • Breast radiology
  • Musculoskeletal radiology
  • Ultrasound, fluoroscopy and radiographs


"Great elective. Tutors were all very enthusiastic in teaching. Learned a lot and clarified a lot of misconceptions."

"My elective was initially scheduled to help me better develop an approach towards the interpretation of scans but it became an insightful experiential learning under the tutelage of the many radiologists and radiographers who were more than willing to share their wealth of experiences and wisdom with me, enabling me to take away so much more than what I expected!"

"I signed up for a radiology elective mainly for revision and exposure as I needed to learn how to interpret imaging results to be able to function in the wards. I had the opportunity to be exposed to multiple departments and areas, including general ultrasound, breast imaging, neuroradiology, body radiology including CT scan and MRI, X Rays, as well as interventional radiology. I came without any expectations because I have never been rotated through radiology department, but boy, have I learnt so much!"


Local students studying in Singapore (Duke-NUS, YLL-NUS, LKC-NTU), who are interested in doing an elective in SGH DDR are encouraged to apply though their school's elective platform. Please contact Ms. Christine Tan Li Wei, if you wish to find out more or to get in touch with a radiologist.

Overseas medical students may apply through SGH Assistant Dean's Office through this link.

Apply for Elective Posting for Overseas Medical Students >

Special Projects and Workshops

Elective workshop

Our annual radiology elective workshop is open to all elective students.

Survival Radiology

In partnership with Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme, the Survival Radiology course started in 2014 has become a highly anticipated and rated course aimed at final year students. It utilizes an interactive case-based format with audience response systems to showcase important and urgent radiology conditions that a house office should recognize and be ready to act upon.


Medical Student Education Team

Dr Vora Bimal (Director, Medical Student Education)

Dr Dorinda Chew (Electives)

Dr Ian Tay (Special Projects)

Dr Mindy Choong (Curriculum Development)

Ms. Christine Tan (Executive), Ms. Lek Chay Ngim (Executive), Ms. Pang Siew Moy (Executive)

Advisors: Dr Lionel Cheng, Dr Winston Lim


For more information, please contact

  • Ms Christine Tan :

  • Ms Lek Chay Ngim :