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Application for Elective Posting for Overseas Medical Students


    • Applicants must be bona-fide students of a medical school, and already in their clinical years.
    • Applicants must be from an institution under the list of universities recognised by Singapore Medical Council (SMC): List of Registrable Basic Medical Qualifications.


    QuarterFor attachment startingDeadline for student to submit application for reviewReview and Application Timeline
    1April - JuneBy end Nov (Previous Year)

    Review: Dec

    Review Outcome: by mid/end Dec

    Submission of remaining documents: Within 1 month upon successful review

    Posting Outcome: latest by early Mar

    2July – SeptemberBy end Feb

    Review: Mar

    Outcome: by mid/end Mar

    Submission of remaining documents: Within 1 month upon successful review

    Posting Outcome: latest by early Jun


    October - December

    By end May

    Review: Jun

    Outcome: by mid/end Jun

    Submission of remaining documents Within 1 month upon successful review

    Posting Outcome: latest by early Sep

    4January – MarchBy end Aug (Previous Year)

    Review: Sep

    Outcome: by mid/end Sep

    Submission of remaining documents Within 1 month upon successful review

    Posting Outcome: latest by early Dec


        • Postings are counted in weeks, commencing on a Monday, and ending on a Friday. The minimum and maximum posting periods are 2 weeks and 8 weeks respectively.
        • Postings applied for are subject to the availability of vacancies and supervision, and the approval of the Head of the respective clinical department.
        • In Section 3 of the application form (“Proposed Elective Postings”), applicants must indicate the exact period (day, month, and year) of their proposed electives. Applicants are advised to give at least two alternative postings, in case their preferred department is not available.

        Please see below for examples on posting periods.

        Example 1;

        Applicants are advised to choose up to 3 departments within a single posting period.

        Example 2;

        A maximum of 2 departments is allowed for consecutive posting periods (with no gaps in between).
        Please take note that there is no guarantee that your choices may be successful.

        NOTE: Applicants who have made arrangement with respective department to do projects, on top of their elective rotation, do inform us upon application.


        For full details on the available postings, please click on the attached file.


        A. Vetting and Review
        The following documents must be submitted for review:
        1. Overseas-Student Elective Rotation Application Form
        2. One recent passport-sized photograph (to be pasted on the Application form)
        3. Confirmation of Student Status Letter (with official school stamp)
        4. Personal write-up (1-page A4 size) of the educational goals and learning objectives of the clinical rotation(s) applied
        5. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
        NOTE: Fees payment is not required in Part A of the application process.

        The applicant will be notified via email if the vetting process is satisfactory. The applicant will then be invited to submit all documents necessary for the elective application (please see part B).
        We hope to announce the outcome (approve or unsuccessful) 3 weeks after submission dateline.

        B. Complete Document Submission (only if review is successful)
        Please download and complete the Application Checklist, and submit it to SGH Campus Education Office as a softcopy via email:;

        1. Overseas-Student Elective Rotation Application Form
        2. One recent passport-sized photograph (to be pasted on the Application form)
        3. Confirmation of Student Status Letter (with official school stamp)
        4. Personal write-up (1-page A4 size) of the educational goals and learning objectives of the clinical rotation(s) applied
        5. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
        6. Original Health Screening Report (containing recent laboratory results, i.e. done within the last 6 months from application). Form must be filled out in its entirety and signed by a Health professional.
        7. Screenshot of successful application fee payment (with clear details shown; payer's bank account, payer's name, amount paid and transaction reference)
        8. Photocopy of Passport
        9. Proof of Personal Health Insurance (include policy) - For Singapore PRs & Foreigners Only
        10. Proof of Professional Indemnity/ Malpractice Insurance (include policy)
        11. Photocopy of Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification letter
        12. Photocopy of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) certification letter
        13. Photocopy of Pre-Employment Grant (MOH - PEG) document(s) - if applicable
        14. *Elective Fee (payable upon reporting for elective)

        All documents must be submitted in English. All applications will be processed only upon receipt of the above-mentioned documents.

        APPLICATION FEE (payable upon application)

        All applicants must pay an application fee (non-refundable) for administrative processing costs, including 9% GST, wef 1 Jan 2024:
        Application Fee 
         Singaporean/ Singapore PR $163.50

        ELECTIVE FEE (payable upon reporting for elective)

        All applicants must pay an elective fee (non-refundable) depending on the number of elective weeks, including 9% GST, wef 1 Jan 2024:
        Elective Fee 
         Singaporean/ Singapore PR Waived  


        Bank Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer/ GIRO)

        Please refer to the table below for our account details.


        ​167 JALAN BUKIT MERAH

        CONNECTION ONE TOWER 5, #21-10

        SINGAPORE 150167




        SINGAPORE 018982

        ​BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER:​8858111507

        All bank charges including those of intermediary banks shall be borne by payer. And payments must be made in Singapore Currency (SGD$) to minimize the likelihood of receiving different amount due to exchange rate difference.

        Please also indicate your name and the purpose of this transfer in the comments box. For example, "Overseas Elective Student (OES) Application Fees - John Tan or "Overseas Elective Student (OES) Elective Fees - John Tan."

        NOTE: Application fee is non-refundable as following:
        1. Applicant is not granted a posting.
        2. Decided not to pursue their postings after confirmation.
        3. Discontinue application.
        4. Suspended, postponed, or cancelled attachment due to any epidemic outbreak/disciplinary issues.

        Appendix A


        • The letter must be printed on University's letterhead, completed, and signed by Dean's Office or Registrar. An original copy must be submitted together with the official school stamp.


        • To protect medical students and patients against the risk of contracting Hepatitis B, C and HIV in a healthcare setting, applicants who are attending elective attachments at our hospital are required to submit documentary proof (based on recent laboratory results, i.e., done within the last 6 months) that they have been fully screened against these. The proof of hepatitis should state the results of HBs Antigen and HBs Antibody.
        • Applicants who have not been previously screened for the Hepatitis B virus are required to undergo the screening and submit documentary proof (an authenticated laboratory report) that they are tested negative for the Hepatitis B surface antigen.
        • Applicants who have been tested negative for HBsAg but have not been immunized against Hepatitis B virus are strongly advised to undergo immunization prior to the start of the elective attachment applied for.
        Recently, the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) released a circular outlining new screening and vaccination requirements for all health science students. In addition to the local health science students, these guidelines will be applicable to overseas incoming elective student from 1st May 2015. The requirements are tabled as follows.

        Hepatitis B

        All students should be screened for Hepatitis B carriage or should show documented serological evidence of immunity against Hepatitis B (i.e., anti-HBs ≥10 mIU/mL).

        Hepatitis B negative students who do not have documented serological evidence of immunity against Hepatitis B (i.e., anti-HBs ≥10 mIU/mL) should be vaccinated with the primary course series (i.e., 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine).

        A post-vaccination serology test should be conducted to determine the concentration of protective antibodies i.e., anti-HBs of at least 10mIU/mL.

        Students should have completed at least 2 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine before attending clinical training.

        Hepatitis C & HIVStudents must submit documentary evidence of screening of Hepatitis C and HIV.
        Varicella (Chickenpox)

        All students should either be vaccinated or immune.

        Students should either be screened for immunity or produce official records of previous vaccinations as proof of immunity.

        When past history of varicella is uncertain, a serology test should be carried out to confirm immunity against varicella.

        Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR)

        All students should either be vaccinated or immune.

        Students should produce official records of previous vaccinations as proof of immunity.

        Self-declaration is not sufficient.

        Tetanus/ Diphtheria/ Pertussis

        Those who have not previously received tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis (Tdap) should be vaccinated with a single dose of Tdap, regardless of the interval since the last dose of tetanus or diphtheria-containing vaccine.

        Students should produce documented proof of vaccination with Tdap.

        Proof of vaccination with Td is insufficient. Self-declaration is not accepted as proof of immunity.

        NOTE: Documented proof of vaccination with 1 dose of Tdap within the last 10 years is required for all postings.

        InfluenzaStudents are encouraged to receive the influenza vaccination.
        COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

        Students must submit documented proof of vaccination for COVID-19.

        Accepted COVID-19 Vaccinations for Entry
        Manufacturer/ Name of VaccineDose(s) Required and Minimum Interval between Doses
        1 dose




        2 doses at least 24 days apart ​ ​ ​


        Bharat Biotech BBV152 COVAXIN®


        mRNA-1273/ Spikevax

        Serum Institute of India

        Covishield (ChAdOx1_nCoV-19)


        NVX-CoV2373/ Covovax/ Nuvaxovid

        2 doses at least 17 days apart ​ ​

        Pfizer/ BioNTech

        BNT162b2/ COMIRNATY Tozinameran (INN)


        SARS-COV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated (InCoV)


        COVID-19 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated/ Coronavac™

        2 doses at least 13 days apart
        Any of the above WHO EUL vaccines (mixed)2 doses at least 17 days apart

        Note: The original Health Screening Report form must be submitted together with the screening results (Hep B Antigen, Hep B Antibody, Hep C, HIV, Varicella and MMR) and documentary proofs (Hep B vaccines, DTP vaccines and MMR vaccines).

        Applicants who failed these screenings will not be allowed to proceed with the elective posting. The Hospital reserves the right to require any applicants to undergo further tests for any or all markers of the screenings.


        • Applicants should be fully aware that coverage by an international insurer may require them to cover any medical expenses incurred out-of-pocket and be reimbursed later.
        • Applicants should be familiar with the extend of medical coverage by their health insurance policy. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that their health policy is able to cover all medical expenses as charged during their elective attachment in SGH.
        • While travel insurance for COVID-19 related medical treatment and hospitalization costs are not required, students are encouraged to have sufficient travel insurance with the appropriate coverage before entering Singapore. Students are responsible for all costs for medical treatment incurred while in Singapore (including those associated with COVID-19 related treatment).


        • All students are to indemnify and keep indemnified, save, and hold harmless SGH, the participating hospitals and its employees or volunteers against all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses, including legal fees, and any other liability arising in any way from the student's participation in the Special Clinical Elective Programme.
        • It is a requirement for elective students to provide evidence of Health Professional Indemnity/ Malpractice Insurance cover for the elective period at the point of application. This coverage can be provided by your University or an alternative insurance organization.
        • Proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance is for the period of posting, also known as the Personal Liability Insurance, which is also acceptable.
        NOTE: MPS only offers elective indemnity to students who are currently MPS Members in one of the countries listed below.
        * UK/ Ireland
        * South Africa (including Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe)
        * Hong Kong
        * Malaysia
        * Singapore
        * New Zealand
        * Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados only)

        If you are not a member in one of these countries, MPS are unable to offer membership for your elective.


        • The letter must be printed on University's letterhead, completed, and signed by Dean's Office or Registrar. The letter must be submitted together with the official school stamp.
        • The PPE certification letter is required from all applicants who wish to complete their posting in our restructured hospitals. The letter must certify the use of PPE and related procedures, which must include mask fitting, gowning, gloving, and hand washing techniques.

        Appendix B


        • Upon the offer of posting, applicants will be required to sign both "Non-Disclosure & Security Awareness Undertaking" form and "Indemnity" form for their elective attachment(s).
        • SGH will not endorse any documents from your University or any other special request forms containing statements like "the student has had the same rights, duties, responsibilities like the regular medical students of the University..." or with the same meanings. We had been advised by our legal counsel to discontinue the practice of acknowledging these forms, in view of possible legal implications.
        • Applicants who wish to do projects/research must inform us at least 4 months before commencement of the elective attachment.
        • In the event of any epidemic outbreak/disciplinary issues, the hospital reserves the right to suspend, postpone, or cancel all medical student postings as deemed appropriate.


        All overseas medical students who are planning to do a clinical elective posting in Singapore are required to apply for Work Holiday Programme (WHP).

        Please note: Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) need not apply for such passes.


        Applicants from the countries listed on the following website Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will need to apply for a visa before arriving in Singapore.

        Work Holiday Programme (WHP) - (students to apply on their own)
        WHP is open to foreign undergraduates or graduates aged between 18 to 25 studying from selected universities in the ten countries/territories: Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States. The Ministry will accept applicants from the following universities or equivalent institutions as listed on the website.

        More details, including the application form and requirements can be found at MOM Work Holiday Programme website.

        Only students with WHP are allowed to participate in learning activities such as history taking, physical examination and assist in certain procedures. All these should be done under supervision by the supervisor.

        If students do not possess WHP, they can enter Singapore using a Short-Term Visit Pass and the duration of the stay (duration of electives) will be restricted within 30 days, granted by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) upon entry.

        Do take note that the overseas medical students without a WHP will have to be on a hands-off observership elective and shall not be allowed to participate in clinical training duties such as physical examination, history taking and clerking patients. They are also not allowed in assisting any procedures.

        For clearer view of the above guideline, please click on the attached file.



        • Applicants are strongly advised against making any changes and should be certain of their preferred choices of posting and dates before submission of application. Request for change in discipline/ department of postings will not be entertained after application is submitted. The hospital reserves the right to decline any change requests or cancel the clinical postings as required.
        • For changes in posting date, applicants will be charged a non-refundable fee of S$54.50 (including 9% GST) for each change request. But there is no guarantee that the change request will be successful as it is subjected to their availability and supervision.
        • Applicants who are unable to pursue their clinical postings in our hospital should inform us at least 4 weeks in advance. Applicants who fail to take up a place offered, without giving a valid reason, will not be offered a place in future.


        • Applicants are required to submit their performance evaluation form directly to the respective clinical departments on their first day of posting. Please remember to collect the completed forms on the last day of the posting.


        • There are no accommodation options available in Singapore General Hospital campus. All applicants must be self-financed. The Hospital will not be responsible for the applicant’s travel arrangements (including VISA and/or any Pass fees required by the authorities), insurances (medical, travel and/or malpractice), accommodation or any fees charged during his/her stay in the Hospital.


        • Operating hours for Monday – Thursday; 8.30am - 6pm, Friday; 8.30am - 5.30pm (except PH). Lunch time; between 12 - 2pm.
        • Reporting details for first day orientation will be given a week before the commencement date.
        • Submit any assessment forms directly to the supervisor towards the end of the posting, if applicable. If the forms need to be signed by our Associate Dean's Office, please let us know on first day of your orientation.
        • Dress code is formal dressing; shirt and pants (for males), and no low cuts (for females). Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or slippers are not allowed.
        • Important to have white coat with nametag prominently displayed during the posting (nametag to be worn at all times).
        • Attendance for Infection Control Lecture & Mask Fit Test is compulsory. IC details will be informed one week before commencement date. Cardiothoracic Surgery and Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery elective students will have to attend IC before the commencement of their postings.
        • Absence from posting due to medical reasons or emergencies must inform supervisor, department secretary and ADO. Absence from posting due to illness must be supported by medical certificate. A copy of the medical certificate is to be given to ADO for record.


        • Depending on the prevailing infection control guidelines, PPE may be needed during the elective postings. PPE includes N95 masks, surgical masks, goggles, gowns, aprons, and gloves. The cost of the PPE would have to be borne by each applicant.
        • Applicants are also advised to have a thermometer (digital is recommended) during the elective posting.
        • Applicants are to adhere to infection control guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and our hospital.