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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DSAIL)


DSAIL was set up in 2022 as a game-changing research facility core for the strategic development of research in SGH. In alignment with national goals of data-centric healthcare and digital health, DSAIL's team of data scientists and data analysts support SGH researchers in advanced data pre-processing, modelling using machine learning methods, and developing innovative  healthcare solutions using large language models (LLM).

  • To unlock value from large databases and registries as a game-changing facility core by leveraging data science and AI for research, reducing time for data discovery and analysis, as well as increasing the accuracy and reliability of resulting models.

  • To enable faster data discovery and improve visibility of available data to clinicians and analysts.
  • To facilitate development of valid and trustable models by maintaining benchmark data sets.
  • To oversee data governance with centralised secure data access to reduce duplication of effort, allow shared access, and standardize data definitions, mapping, and management policies.
  • To offer advanced data pre-processing and analytical capabilities using machine learning methods and AI.