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Nursing Research


Vision & Mission

To lead nursing practice in Singapore and the region through the conduct, use and dissemination of nursing research work.


Our Research Focus Areas

  1. Nursing Care Quality and Outcomes
    Nursing sensitive indicators such as pressure injuries, falls, phlebitis and use of physical restraints

  2. Nursing Workforce
    Well-being and impact of nurses

  3. Caregiver Well-being
    Education and support for caregivers

  4. Evidence Based Nursing
    Facilitate decision-making through review, critique and dissemination of evidence


Research Staffs

Ms Fazila Abu Bakar Aloweni
Nurse Clinician
MSci (Health Research Methodology)
Research Interest: Pressure Injury, Wound care, Evidence-Based Nursing

Dr Lim Siew Hoon
Senior Staff Nurse
PhD Nursing
Research interest: Psychosocial Nursing, Frailty

Ms Chew Suet Mei
Senior Staff Nurse
BSci (Nursing)
Research Interest: Community Nursing

Ms Ang Shin Yuh
Assistance Director Nursing
MBA (Healthcare Management)
Research interest: Falls, Communication and Nursing Workforce