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Asia-Pacific Leukemia Consortium


The establishment of Asia-Pacific Leukemia Consortium (APLC) on the 8th of Sept 2021 serves as a platform to facilitate greater collaboration across the Asia-Pacific region for different stakeholders:

  • Clinicians

  • Researchers

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Industry partners

Mission Statement

To improve the management of Leukemia and related diseases in Asia-Pacific through the collective collaboration of valued partners and a targeted approach to bench-to-bedside research, translation of real-world evidence and bio-resources.

The Opportunity

Establishing value partnerships within the ecosystem of clinicians, researchers, healthcare providers and Bio-pharmaceutical industry to maximize resources and accelerate improve in patient care.

Focus Areas

  • Clinical trials

  • Real-world Disease Registry and Genetic & Tissue Repository

  • Education

  • Patient advocacy

Working Groups

  • Myeloid Working Group

  • Lymphoid Working Group

  • Real-World Disease Registry Working Group

Current members' countries/regions include Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

Contact Information

Asia-Pacific Leukemia Consortium

Main Office

Asia-Pacific Leukemia Consortium (APLC) c/o Singapore General Hospital Pte Ltd

10 Hospital Boulevard #19-01 Singapore 168582