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Getting Started with Video Consultation

Thank you for agreeing to be part of this video-consultation service!

The Zoom meeting details will be sent to your email 3 days before the video-consultation.

Before Your Video Consultation


This video consult is an optional service provided by SGH that allows you to remotely attend your medical appointments.

  • We will not be able to examine you physically or take your vital signs during the video-consultation, so its important you communicate clearly to us information about your condition.
  • If you feel that video-consultation is inadequate to address your medical condition, you have the right to terminate the video-consultation at any time, and arrange for an in-person clinic visit.
  • Personal Data collected, used or disclosed for this video-consultation will be kept confidential by the Hospital
  • At any time during this consult, no recordings and photography is allowed by both the hospital and yourself.

Are you agreeable to proceed with this Video Consultation?

3 simple steps to start your video consultation

Download Zoom

Step 1:​

Download Zoom app on your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Login 5mins before your consultation

​Step 2:

Log in for your appointment 5-10 mins ahead of time, with your full name

Show Your NRIC

​Step 3:

Have your IC on hand so that your doctor can verify your identity

You are all set to start your video consultation!​ ​

During Your Video Consultation

Tips for a Good Video Consultation Session 

  1. Avoid typing on your keyboard (if you are using a PC or laptop), turn off all music/sounds, and use a room with no or minimal background noise. Using a headphone or earpiece with a microphone with your PC/laptop or tablet/smartphone will be even better. 
  2. If you cannot hear your healthcare provider clearly, check whether your PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone (or headphone/earpiece) volume is too low. 
  3. Ensure that you are in a room with good lighting, especially on your face. Ensure that you are not under a shadow or having any lights shining from behind you (i.e. no backlighting). If your room is dark, it is recommended to use a lamp to light up your face (but not shining into your eyes). 
  4. If you are using a tablet/smartphone for the Video Consultation session, it is recommended to use a stand to hold it up, or prop it up with something, so that your hands are free. 
  5. If a stable Wi-Fi connection is available (e.g. using your home Wi-Fi), it may be better than using 4G connection. It also helps to conserve your mobile data subscription.
  6. Find a comfortable and private space with no distractions
  7. No recording is allowed (eg. screenshorts, photo, video or audio recording) 

After Your Video Consultation

Find information on what to do after your consultation

For appointment related services,
you can also call (65) 6321 4377 or email us at

For Telemedicine services,
you can call (65) 6576 2611


Use Medication Delivery

You can request for Medication Delivery Service (MDS) using HealthBuddy app or online. The medications will be delivered to your preferred location.


Patient Financial Services

You can make payment online, request for Final Bill or get more information about finance matters here.


Blood test, laboratory test and more

If the doctor has emailed you the investigation form for your next visit, 

  • Print the form 
  • Bring it along and present to the laboratory at your next visit

Feedback on video consultation service

Have you given your feedback? 

To help us improve our service, we would like to hear your feedback on your recent video-consultation experience. It will take an estimated 5 minutes to complete.