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Getting Started with Video Consultation

Thank you for agreeing to be part of this Video Consultation service!

The Zoom meeting details will be sent to you via SMS 1 day and at least 15 minutes before the Video Consultation.
Please share this link with the patients or your next-of-kin if necessary.

Please Read This Before Your Video Consultation

  • Video Consultation is a service provided by SingHealth to facilitate care for our patients.
  • We will not be able to examine you physically, so it is important for you to clearly communicate your condition to us.
  • If you feel that Video Consultation is not suited for your care today, please let your Healthcare Professional know immediately.
  • There may be risks or limitations arising from Video Consultation that are uncommon in general or specific to you due to individual patient risk factors. Please ask your attending Healthcare Professional for more information.  
  • Personal data collected, used or disclosed for this Video Consultation will be kept confidential by SingHealth.
  • At any time during this consultation, NO screenshots or recordings are allowed by the SingHealth institution or yourself. 
  • The video-consultation service will be as per standard charges of an outpatient consultation
If you agree with the above, please click “I Agree” in the box below