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Attending a Video Consultation (VC) Session on Your Mobile Device

‚ÄčOn this page, you will find information on how to install Zoom on your mobile devices or tablet for Video Consulation with SGH.

Note: If you are not able to connect to the Video Consultation session, or are delayed from attending the session due to any reason, please contact your healthcare provider.

Step 1: Prior to using Video Consultation (VC), you will need to install the Zoom application from Google Play for Android device or Apple AppStore for iOS.
Click on the button below to download Zoom.

Zoom on iTunes App Store Health Buddy on Google Play Store

If you already have Zoom installed on your mobile devices, skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Start the Zoom application by clicking the Zoom icon from your mobile devices.

Step 3: Open your eAppointment link in your email in your mobile device. Click on the eAppointment link as shown.

If Zoom does not launch when you click the eAppoinment link, check if you have installed Zoom on your mobile phone. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 4: You will be connected with your healthcare provider. If you do not see the healthcare provider on the video screen, he or she may not have connected yet. Kindly wait for him or her.

Leave Zoom

Step 5: To end the Video Consultation session, please click Leave icon as shown.

Basic Zoom functionalities

Zoom functions