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Register as a Caregiver

How to register as Caregiver | SGH

You can now manage your dependents' SGH and SingHealth appointments and various services now! 

This includes:

  • Making and changing Appointments
  • Mobile Registration for appointments
  • Requesting for Medication Delivery Service
  • Viewing and paying bills via Mobile Pay
  • Updating their hospital Profile
... and more!

How do I manage my dependent(s) appointment needs?

  1. Prepare both you and your dependent original identity cards (NRIC), or birth certificate (if your child is below 15 years old).
  2. Go to the clinic Registration Counter. Our staff will need to sight and verify the documents before activating the link.
Once done, you will be able to view and manage your dependent(s) SGH and SingHealth appointment journey, via the Health Buddy app or our websites.