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Preparing for your Laboratory Investigations

​Lab tests are often used to help diagnose for a specific disease or condition. Some lab tests provide more general information about your organs, blood cells and other body systems. It includes taking a sample of your blood, urine, other body fluid, or body tissue. A health care provider will explain why the test is needed, how it will be done, and what it might show.

Blood Test

Before you arrive

You will be advised by your doctor or nurses during the consultation if a blood test is required before the next visit, and if fasting is needed. In general, majority of blood test today do not require fasting except for lipid panel test.                   

Day of Laboratory Investigation 

You may walk-in to the following locations for your blood test: 
  • SGH SOC Lab (Block 3 L1, Yellow Zone) 
    • Mon – Fri: 8.00am – 5.30pm
    • Sat: 8.00am – 1.00pm 
    • Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed
  • Diabetes & Metabolism Centre (DMC) L1 Lab 
    • Mon – Fri: 8.00am – 5.30pm
    • Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

No appointment is required for the blood test. 

Things to bring for your laboratory investigation 

Please bring along the original laboratory investigation order form(s) provided by the clinic. The order form(s) would have been provided after the consultation. For patients on Video Consult, the form(s) will be emailed to you. If you have misplaced your copy, please obtain a reprint from the ordering clinic before you proceed to the laboratory.

Things to expect on the day

The number of tubes of blood to be collected depends on the number of lab tests ordered for your medical condition. On average, you may expect 3-6 tubes of blood to be collected. You may also be advised to have your urine sample collected on the day of your visit.

 Self-collection of stool / urine sample

You may collect your stool / urine samples at home, based on the type of lab tests ordered for your medical condition. The specimens are to be collected in the red cap / brown cap container bottles provided to you by the clinic. This may range from few days to few weeks before your next doctor visit, as advised by the clinic.

If you have collected urine or stool specimen from home, please send the specimen, as advised by the clinic, together with your lab test order form, to the following locations: 
  • SGH SOC Lab (Block 3 Level 1, Yellow Zone)
  • Diabetes & Metabolism Centre (DMC) Level 1 Lab 

Cost of your laboratory investigations

Lab test investigation works are required to be conducted to ascertain your medical condition and for the management of your medical needs. You may refer to the table below as a reference for price estimation for your lab tests in SGH.

Information on Estimated Outpatient Lab Test Charges in SGH


Estimated Price Range



Other Conditions

$180 - $335

$62 - $126

Renal Medicine

$304 - $631 

$152 - $300

Rheumatology & Immunology

$407 - $687 

$154 - $276

Blood Cancer

$531 - $1,340 

$163 - $461

Liver Transplant

$462 - $869 

$279 - $650

Information accurate as of 1 Jan 2024.

  • Fees are based on prevailing rates and may be revised without notice.
  • The above price range serves as a guide only and does not apply to non-residents and foreigners. The final charges payable also depends on the payment class applicable to you.
  • For private patients, prices shown are inclusive of prevailing GST. For subsidised patients, GST is absorbed by Government. 
  • Depending on the patient's medical condition and the number of lab tests required, the final charges payable may differ from the estimated charges provided above.
  • The costs in the above table exclude histology/cytology add-on tests and health screening package.


The use of MediSave for laboratory investigations is based on MOH guideline. You may refer to MOH website ( for more information.

Other payment scheme

If you wish to pay your outstanding bills using medical benefits, please submit your request on "Making payment with Medical Benefit Cards".

Additional tests

As part of your treatment, additional tests may be performed to more accurately determine the underlying disease for a timely treatment. The need for additional tests vary based on your medical condition. We will conduct only necessary tests that are required for your diagnosis.

Additional tests refer to additional pathology tests e.g. Special Stains, Immunohistochemistry, Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization, Molecular tests, etc.

At times, these additional tests are done before notifying our patients due to their time-sensitive nature and to avoid any delays in providing timely treatment. The final charges payable by you depend on the number of lab tests required for the management of your particular medical condition as well as the payment class applicable to you.

After your lab test

Obtain your laboratory results

Your test results will be sent to your Doctor(s) and he or she will review the result outcome with you during your next visit. Your Doctor(s) may also contact you if the test outcomes require immediate attention. 

SingPass required

Some of your test results are also available on HealthBuddy or HealthHub.