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Switch to Higher Ward Type

All SGH patients can request to switch to a higher ward type during their inpatient stay, subject to bed availability and the followings:

  • All charges (except daily standard ward fees) incurred will be recomputed and charged to higher ward type rate from date of your admission.
  • Deposit to be paid within 24 hours from the date of the application. The revised estimated hospital charges and ward fees for inpatient services will be given to you.

Follow-up consultation at outpatient clinics will be charged at higher ward type rate:

Subsidised rate for "B2 6-bedded" or "C 9-bedded" ward – Subsidised patients will receive team-based care led by an assigned doctor. Your attending doctor may or may not be the same at each visit.

Private rate for "A Single Bed" or "B1 4-bedded" ward – Private patients will receive team-based care led by their choice of doctor. Patients will be charged at full paying rates.


Is cash deposit required to switch to a higher ward type?

Most patients have to pay a cash deposit as the bill will be upsized from the day of admission. The quantum of cash deposit would depend on your insurance coverage, company medical benefits (if any) and the treatment plan based on your medical condition.

When will I be transferred to the higher ward type?

We will arrange for the transfer as soon as a bed is available. Priority is given to patients who need to be transferred out from Operating Theater and A&E (acute care). On average, patients may have to wait 1 to 3 days before a transfer can be made.   

How do I know the status of my outpatient appointments after discharge?

The status of your outpatient appointments is related to the ward type of your inpatient admission upon discharge. B2 and C ward type inpatient cases will be under subsidised rates for outpatient appointments while A and B1 ward type inpatient cases will be under private rates.

What will happen if I did not manage to get an available higher ward type during my inpatient stay?

Should there be a spike in the number of admissions, we may not be able to fulfil your request. A refund (if any) will be arranged when the bill is finalized.

When can I get refund if I paid deposit for upgrading ward class but not managed to get a bed?

We will process the refund in 10 working days upon Final Bill.  

Switching to Higher Ward Type 

Example 1:

Mr Teo experienced breathlessness and was admitted after seeking treatment at A&E. He chose C 8-bedded ward but decided to switch to B1 4-bedded ward after 1 day’s stay. The billing officer explained that Mr Teo’s hospital bill would be upsized retrospectively but he is able to use his Medisave and his Integrated Shield plan to cover part of his bill. The billing officer emphasized that his outpatient follow-up at SOC would be under Private rate, this means that he would not be able to enjoy the government subsidies or Pioneer Generation subsidies. As Mr Teo has long-term follow-up at SOC for his chronic disease, he decided to upgrade to B2 6-bedded ward in order to retain his subsidised status for his Outpatient visits where he would enjoy more subsidies with his CHAS card and Pioneer Generation status. Mr Teo understood the implications and went ahead to pay the required deposit online via Mobile Pay. Mr Teo waited for 2 more days before he was transferred to an available B2 6-bedded ward.

Example 2:

Mr. Lim was admitted to a B2 6-bedded ward for 3 days. After knowing that he was scheduled for surgery, his wife recommended a senior consultant to him. To be able to choose a senior consultant as his primary doctor, Mr. Lim must be in the private ward type. Thus, he sought advice from the business office. Upon discussion with the billing officer, Mr. Lim decided to switch to an A Single Bed ward, acknowledging the fact that his medical bill will be prorated retrospectively from the first day of admission and his outpatient appointments will be under private rate. He paid a deposit via epay for the estimated bill, inclusive of the surgery and two-week post-surgery stay. However, after the deposit payment, there was no available A Single Bed ward, Mr Lim waited for 2 more days before he was transferred to A Single Bed ward.

*Table below is based on an estimated 3 days hospitalization.

Ward Type

B2 6-Bedded

A Single Bed

Estimated total bill




Estimated Medishield/ Integrated Shield Plan




Estimated Medisave Claim Allowable




Estimated cash deposit required ($)



After discharge Follow-up Status



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