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MRSA and CRE Screening Resource Centre

What is MRSA & CRE PCR Screening used for?

MRSA PCR screening is used for screening of MRSA carriage in nose, axilla and groin. It has replaced the previous MRSA screening culture.

Similarly, CRE PCR screening is used for screening of CP-CRE (carbapenemase producing carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae) carriage in the stool. It has replaced the current CRE  screening culture.

Why the change in methodology?

The turn-around-time for MRSA/CRE PCR screening is less than a day, compared to 2-3 days using conventional culture methods. This can help us to institute appropriate infection control measures in a timely manner and boost our efforts in reducing nosocomial transmission of mutiply resistant organisms in our hospital.

Note: Screening criteria for MRSA and CRE remains unchanged. Please refer to hospital policies for details on screening criteria.

When will MRSA/CRE PCR screening start?

MRSA/CRE PCR screening has already been implemented in Oct and Nov 2017 respectively

How do I obtain eSwabs for my ward/clinic?

eSwabs are to be used for sample collection. They can be ordered online from MMD:


  • MRSA double eSwab (nasal, axilla & groin): order code 1254-04-015-A
  • Single eSwab (CRE & other bacteriology tests): order code 1254-04-014-A


  • Single eSwab (MRSA nasal only, CRE & other bacteriology tests)
  • MRSA double eSwab (nasal, axilla & groin): start placing orders from 13 Oct, order code 1254-04-015-A

Training guides, videos and reference materials can be found below:

Who can I approach for more information?

Answers to most questions can be found in the FAQ above. Alternatively, you may reach us directly at +65 6321 4913/4908.