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CHiRP - Centre for High Risk Pregnancy

The Department of O&G, SGH is delighted to announce the launch of CHiRP (Centre for High Risk Pregnancies).

The Department of O&G, SGH has a strong reputation for looking after high risk pregnancies, in particular mothers with medical disorders and those with complications. Being sited in a tertiary teaching hospital and an academic medical centre, we have worked hard to develop and establish one-stop joint multi-disciplinary clinics and services between obstetrics and a growing number of medical specialties.

We also work very closely with the departments of Neonatology and Anaesthesialogy, whose facilities and expertise in highly specialised intensive and critical care for preterm babies and  the unwell mothers are crucial to ensure the best possible outcomes in high risk pregnancies. Multidisciplinary forums are organised, often with other medical and surgical disciplines , to discuss management of the more complicated pregnancies. We also enjoy a close collaboration with counsellors and psychiatrists, cognisant  that mental health of the mother  is a very important and often overlooked aspect of holistic care.

Centre for High Risk Pregnancy.jpg (seated L-R) - Dr Tan Eng Loy, SSN Francine Tu, Assoc Prof Tan Lay Kok, SSN Latifah, Assoc Prof Devendra 
 (standing L-R) - Dr Tan Wei Ching, Dr Yang LiYing

These services are led by the Maternal Fetal Medicine section of the department. With the increasing complexity of cases seen and the growing number of joint clinics, the department of O&G obtained approval to form the Centre for High Risk Pregnancy (CHiRP). The intention is to optimise and streamline the coordination and operation of these services together with the other perinatal services of prenatal diagnosis under one centre. Currently the centre is a virtual one, but we hope to able to have a well sited physical space to house these services under one roof in the near future.

The aim of CHiRP is to provide a one-stop multidisciplinary tertiary integrated care service for high risk pregnancies and optimising pre-pregnancy care and counselling for prospective mothers with risk factors.

CHiRP Clinics

​High Risk Clinic
​Patients with bad obstetric history, at risk of preterm labour, placenta praevia, placenta accreta, 2 and more previous caesarean sections, VBAC, hyperemesis gravidarum
​Gestational Diabetic 
​Type 1 and 2 Diabetes and gestational diabetes cases
​Cardiology Joint Clinic
​Pre-existing cardiac conditions congenital heart disease, valvular disease, aortopathies, ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and new onset cardiac issues
​Rheumatology Obstetric Clinic
​All rheumatological conditions eg SLE, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitides, mixed connective tissue disease
​Obstetrics & Gynaecology Haematology Clinic
​Complex anaemias eg thalassaemias, Platelet disorders eg ITP (Immune Thrombocytopaenia), Thrombosis , thrombophilias, patients requiring long term anticoagulation
​Obstetric Kidney Clinic
​All pre-existing kidney disorders, renal transplant patients, dialysis patients
​Obstetric Medicine Clinic
​General medical disorders  including hypertension, thyroid disorders, neurological conditions, epilepsy, dermatology , complex multiple medical co-morbidities
​ Fetal Medicine Clinic
​Counselling for prenatal screening and diagnosis (including NIPT & CMA).  Diagnosis and management of fetal anomalies including echocardiography and neurosonography, and intrauterine growth restriction. 

Management of monochorionic twins and higher-order multiple pregnancy

Rhesus iso-immunisation, fetal infections and intrauterine fetal therapy

CHiRP also looks after the educational and training aspects eg courses, simulation training, as well as research initiatives and projects in high risk pregnancies.

Our Care Team


  • A/Prof Tan Hak Koon
  • Prof Kenneth Kwek 

How to refer patients to CHiRP

  1. To refer patients to any of these CHiRP clinics. 
  2. Please fill in the attached request document plus referral letter and fax over to 63214837 OR email them to
  3. For urgent cases, to call 63214516 to get appointment date.
  4. The patient will receive an SMS containing details of the appointment date, time and location. Please advise patient to bring the referral letter and all investigations.

Patient will be charged at a subsidised rate if the referral source is from a CHAS clinic, polyclinic , DEM or any department in a restructured hospital where the patient is already a subsidised patient. For all other referral sources, patient will be charged at private rates.

Charges GST included (Prices subject to changes)


Private (Singaporean & Permanent Resident) ​
Sub (GST grant)

Non Resident ​
Permanent Resident (subsidised)
High Risk Clinic (HRC)
First visit$146.59$ 39 ​
$59 ​



Repeat visit$107.00$117.70

Gestational Diabetes Joint Clinic (GDJC)


First visit & Repeat visit$196.88



​ ​



​ ​ ​

Cardiac Joint Clinic (CJC)


First visit$226.84$250.38
Repeat visit$182.44$201.16

- Rheumatoid Obstetric Clinic (ROC)

- OBsGyn Haematology Clinic (OGH)

- Obstetric Kidney Clinic (OKC)

- Obstetric Medicine Clinic (ObMed)




First visit







Repeat visit$158.36$175.48