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To provide quality care for patients to have the best experience and best outcome is the quality mission of Singapore General Hospital. Our skilled and knowledgeable nurse clinicians in the Nursing Division provide specialist-nursing service in tandem with the medical advancement and development of each medical specialty to achieve the mission.

These Nurse Clinicians are members of the multidisciplinary teams working independently and within the teams to provide care and counselling to the patients/caregivers through a referral system. They collaborate with the specialty teams and department of nursing administration to plan, develop, implement and evaluate patient care standards and guidelines and educational materials relevant to their specialty of practice. 

Besides being patient/caregiver educators, the Nurse Clinicians are the key resource personnel for nurses and other health care workers to provide the latest updates on patient care management in the respective specialty service. They also conduct research in their specialty areas to recommend or improve nursing practices based on evidence. The Nurse Clinicians also serve in hospital committees for work and services improvement, and as hospital representative in their respective specialty committees.

With a dual reporting role, they report to the Assistant, Director Nursing (Professional Affairs) and the Heads of Department of their respective medical specialty. The Nurse Clinicians work during office hours. They can be contacted via appointments through the hospital coordinator at Tel: (65) 6321 4823.