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About Your Visit

What you need to know

Screening & Registration


The charges comprises of:
  •     Doctor’s consultation, Nursing care & treatment
  •     Basic investigations (eg. urine test, blood sugar test, ECG)
  •     Basic treatment (eg. plaster cast, simple suturing & wound dressing)
  •     Standard medication (max. one week’s supply upon discharge)

Other specialised services will involve additional charges.

Payment for the A&E visit will not be made on the day itself. You will receive an SMS notification when your A&E bill is ready, and you can make payment via your HealthBuddy mobile app, or via this link. For non-residents, your bill will be mailed to your home address.

For insurance coverage of A&E charges, please check with your insurance provider.

Map of Emergency Department


In the Consultation Wait Area

  • One companion is allowed

Entering Critical Care Areas

  • One companion is allowed only if the patient cannot manage without caregiver support (e.g. children, disabled patients etc.)

FAQs for Caregivers

Where can I wait for the Patient who is in the Resuscitation or the Critical Care Area?
Please wait at the Waiting Area outside the critical care area. If in doubt, seek help from our staff.

How can I receive updates about the Patient?
After we have assessed and stabilised the patient, doctors will update family members either in person or via telephone. Be sure to leave your handphone number if you are leaving the department. You may tell our staff your handphone number either at the registration counter or the Nurse Station.

Can I see or speak to the Patient?
In the consultation area, one visitor is allowed. In the critical care area, one visitor is allowed only if the Patient cannot manage without caregiver support (e.g. children, disabled patients etc.).

You may contact the Patient through their handphone.

Will the Patient be provided with food?
If patients are not restricted from eating or drinking, meals will be provided if patients are admitted or under observation. 

Can I pass some items to the Patient?
Yes, if you are unable to visit the patient, please pass the items to our staff at the registration counter.

Where can I get food?
For F&B directions, click here.


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