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Pelvic Floor Disorders Service

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Have these accidents ever happened to you?

  • Leakage of urine when you cough, laugh, sneeze or jump?
  • Leakage of solid/liquid stools, or wind (gas)?
  • Soiling your underwear before you reach toilet?
  • A feel of dragging or heaviness in your pelvic area, as if your 'insides are falling out'?
  • A prolapsing lump at the vagina or anus when you pass urine/faeces?
Don't let these problems rob you of your life! Seek professional help at SGH Pelvic Floor Disorder Service

Pelvic floor disorders comprise a myriad of conditions that affect many Singaporeans every year. These include functional bowel conditions like faecal incontinence and constipation, as well as functional urological problems like urinary incontinence and gynaecological problems like pelvic organ prolapse. Many of these conditions occur concurrently as the pelvic organs are closely connected.

While many of such patients are elderly, a significant number of younger patients also present to us due to factors other than natural ageing, for example childbirth, diabetes and other medical conditions that weaken the pelvic floor. While these conditions more commonly affect women, men are certainly not spared as well.

As such conditions are potentially both physically and emotionally debilitating, they significantly impact a person’s quality of life and pose a tremendous burden to the patient as well as their families. 
Pelvic floor disorders are often underdiagnosed as affected individuals are often embarrassed to seek medical attention or assume that such symptoms are a natural part of ageing. As a result, many end up suffering in silence with a poor quality of life. However, through a wide range of investigative and treatment modalities, it is certainly possible to effectively treat and potentially cure such conditions.


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