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Geriatric Medicine

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Academia, Level 3
65 6321 4377
(for appointments)
Department of Geriatric Medicine provides specialised geriatric holistic care for the elderly patients in a cost-effective way across the continuum of care in SGH and the step down care services.

Department of Geriatric Medicine attends to patients of 65 years and above, with multiple medical problems and those presenting with the geriatric syndromes.

Department of Geriatric Medicine conducts detail history taking and screening for medical conditions which includes depression, dementia as well as social and caregiver problems. Patients are also assessed for polypharmacy, pre-morbid functional; cognitive, nutrition/feeding, fall risk assessment, etc.

Clinical Services

A multi-disciplines, multi-specialties collaboration care model is developed to co-manage the elderly patients through:


Geriatric Medicine cares for the patient admitted to Room 15, 16, 17 and 18 in Ward 63. Discharge planning to the appropriate community step down facility is an integral part of this service so as to free up beds in SGH. We have weekly multidisciplinary meetings for the medical and nursing staffs, the therapists and the medical social worker to plan for patients’ discharge and after care. We also have a specialised nurse clinician who follow the doctors’ rounds and provide educational input for the ward nurses.


The Department is running five geriatric clinics weekly at Clinic "M". Elderly Patients with wide range of needs are assessed in these clinics. A dedicated Memory Clinic is to be introduced shortly.

Community Service

A community arm is formed to:
  • Provide Geriatric Medicine consultations and professional leadership to step down care providers
  • Collaborate with step down care providers to facilitate effective discharge planning and seamless transfer of care.
  • Proactive health education and volunteer training in care of the elderly issues.


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