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General Surgery

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Academia, Level 5
65 6321 4051
(for departmental matters only)

​The Department of General Surgery is a major provider of acute surgical care and tertiary and quaternary surgical services in Singapore. We provide comprehensive surgical services in general and surgical subspecialties including endovascular surgery, surgical oncology, minimally invasive surgery, surgical endoscopy, trauma and liver transplant.

Clinical Services

Breast Surgery

  • Breast screening programme and mammogram localisation service
  • Breast Counseling and Support Service for breast cancer and post-surgical patients
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer management including assessment of breast lesions seen on mammogram/ultrasound, diagnosis using minimally invasive techniques and surgery for the breast and axilla
  • Ultrasound-guided mammotome biopsy
  • Mammographic-guided mammotome biopsy
  • Assessment, diagnosis, surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy for malignant melanoma

Trauma Service 

  • Integrating multi-disciplinary care of the multiply injured patient
  • Trauma Registry
  • Quality Assurance activities
  • Educational lectures for doctors and nurses

Head and Neck Service

  • Head and Neck Oncology, eg. cancers of the oral cavity, hypopharynx, cervical, oesophagus etc
  • Thyroid nodule evaluation and treatment of thyroid malignancies and associated disease
  • Salivary gland disease especially malignancies
  • Multi-disciplinary participation from Oral Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Radiotherapy

Nutritional Support Services

Dedicated Surgeons, Physicians, Nursing Officers, Dieticians and Pharmacists provide multi-disciplinary Nutritional Support Service for patients requiring enteral or parenteral nutritional support


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