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SGH@Home is a home hospitalisation service that offers clinically suitable patients the option of being cared for in the comfort of their own homes, instead of a hospital ward.

Team-based Care

  • Cared for by the SGH@Home care team, made up of SGH doctors and nurses experienced in home care
  • Additional care by SGH Specialist Departments and allied health professionals to provide safe and effective treatment to patients at home
  • Provides care for general medical and post-operative care conditions for suitable patients
  • 24/7 direct telemedicine access to medical team, made possible by SGH@Home’s partnership with external care partners and telehealth technology

SGH@Home was launched in 2022 as part of MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) sandbox pilot for Mobile In-patient Care@Home (MIC@Home). From 1 April 2024, SGH@Home has become a mainstream model of care in the Singapore’s public healthcare institutions, allowing patients to use Medisave, Medishield Life and Integrated Shield Plans under the programme.

What type of patients are suitable for SGH@Home?

SGH@Home provides inpatient care at home for patients who are deemed suitable to recover at home by the SGH@Home care team. Based on the patient’s condition, the attending doctor will initiate the referral to the SGH@Home care team. Patients are not able to self-enrol in the programme.

What are the benefits of SGH@Home?

With SGH@Home, patients would be able to:
  • Receive care and recover at the comfort of their own homes
  • Reduce stress and feelings of isolations with loved ones by their side
  • Reduce risk of hospital-related infections

What is involved in SGH@Home?

SGH@Home utilises technology to provide inpatient care for the patients including: 
  • Teleconsultations (Video or Phone) 
  • Remote vital signs tele-monitoring 
  • Chatbot

General overview of a typical patient’s journey with SGH@Home:

A Typical SGH@HomePatient's Journey (May24).png

MOH Video: MIC@Home




The care team would constantly check on me to monitor my vital signs. 
Furthermore, they were friendly and always checked if I had any questions.

Mdm Lee, Patient

Patients can rest comfortably at home and receive treatment at the same time.
Mr Wong, Patient
I felt safe even though I'm away from the hospital. This programme is really beneficial in many ways as it gives patients who requires minimal immediate attention and are mobile the flexibility to recuperate at their own comfort environment without hoarding to hospital resources physically.

Mdm Liew, Patient

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