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Sitz Bath

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Sitz Bath - What is it for

A sitz bath is a warm water bath used for healing or cleansing purposes. It helps to relieve pain from:

  • Episiotomy wound (a surgical cut made between the vaginal opening and anus to aid in the delivery of the baby)
  • Hemorrhoids or piles (painful and swollen blood vessels in the rectum or anus)

The sitz bath basin is a plastic tub that fits over the toilet, and is filled with warm water or salt solution. When sitting in it, the water will cover only the hips and buttocks.

Sitz Bath - Side Effects, Precautions, and Contraindications

What side effects can Sitz Bath cause?

Before taking Sitz Bath , what precautions must I follow?

What food or medicine must I avoid when I take Sitz Bath ?

  • Updated on 10/11/2017 12:00:00 AM
  • Article contributed by Pharmacy Department KK Women's and Children's Hospital
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