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Mucolytics and Expectorants

Drug Class: Commonly Known As: Category:
Mucolytic and expectorant Breacol, Woods, Bisolvon, Robitussin, Rhinathiol, Fluimucil Adult, Children

Mucolytics and Expectorants - What is it for

​Mucolytics and expectorants are a group of medications that works by thinning and loosening mucus in the airways, helping to clear chest congestion thus making breathing easier. Common examples of expectorants include guaifenesin and ammonium chloride combined with diphenhydramine. Common examples of mucolytics are acetylcysteine, bromhexine, ambroxol and carbocisteine.

Mucolytics and Expectorants - Additional Information

​Signs that your condition may require further medical attention include:

  • Cough with thick yellow or green phlegm or mucus, or blood
  • Fever more than 38.6⁰C 
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Drenching night sweats
  • Cough lasting for longer than 3-4 weeks
  • Development of new symptoms during self-treatment

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should stop your medication and see your healthcare professional immediately.

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