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Guide for Caregivers

Caregiving is never easy. Most of the time, a caregiver has to juggle caregiving with other duties. These duties may include full/part-time work, caring for children, and their own social and leisure lifestyles. In addition, a caregiver may need to care for someone who has difficulty coping with daily life. This might involve helping, assisting, or just supervising their care recipient. The time and energy involved usually drains a caregiver

Most inexperienced caregivers are frequently unprepared for their new roles and may become stressed when taking on the complex role of a caregiver. Many caregiver training programmes are conducted by caregiver training providers to help individuals learn important techniques and useful tips on how one can provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment for their care recipients.

Here are some guide and resources for your caregiving journey.

Drainage Care

Drainage Catheter Care

How to change the dressing for your wound area? How to clean the insertion site? How to collect drainage fluid?

Nasogastric Tube Feeding

A nasogastric tube (NG tube) is a special tube that carries food, oral nutrition supplements and medicine to the stomach through the nose.

Urine Catheter

A urinary catheter is a hollow, partially flexible tube that collects urine from the bladder and leads to a drainage bag.