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During Your Stay

Find out what it is like to receiving your medical treatment at Singapore General Hospital.

Arriving at the Wards

When you arrive at the ward, our ward staff will orientate you to the ward and the facilities available.

Ward Facilities and Services

Find out more about call bell, patient's locker, food services and more

Daily Ward Routine

The standard daily routine in the ward comprises of ward rounds by doctors, medication, meals, visiting hours and bedtime.

MyCare App & Bedside Tablet

See your daily care schedule, medical information, or enquire about your care plan with your bedside tablet!

Caring For You

During your stay in the Hospital, you will be attended to by a team of specialists comprising of medical specialists, medical officers, nurses and allied health professionals.


Register to visit patient using Automated Visitor Management System (AVMS)

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited by law throughout the Hospital complex.

No Personal Mobility Devices (PMD)

Use of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) and Power-assisted Bicycles (PABs) is not allowed within SingHealth institutions buildings and sheltered areas (e.g. covered walkways). Charging of PMDs and PABs is strictly prohibited within SingHealth premises.

Use of Personal Mobility Aids (PMA)

Use of Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) for individuals who are not mobile or have difficulty walking, are allowed within our premises.  However as PMA poses a fire risk to hospital occupants, Personal Mobility Aids are not allowed in our wards. Wheelchairs are available for your use during your stay with us.