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Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsils and Adenoids - Symptoms

Tonsils and Adenoids - How to prevent?

Tonsils and Adenoids - Causes and Risk Factors

Tonsils and Adenoids - Diagnosis

Tonsils and Adenoids - Preparing for surgery

​Before Surgery

Please tell your doctor if your child has any history or family history of bleeding disorders or any previous problems with general anaesthesia. Please inform your doctor about any medication your child is taking, including vitamins and ask what medication your child should and should not take leading up to surgery.

Your child’s doctor will order blood tests to make sure he/she does not have any bleeding disorders and is fit for surgery.

If your child has fever or cough, please inform the ENT centre to reschedule the surgery as this will increase the surgical risk.

Your child will need to stop eating and drinking (fast) a few hours before the surgery. A nurse will contact you the day before to give you instructions for this.

Tonsils and Adenoids - Other Information

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