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Sarcoma - Diagnosis

Sarcoma patients usually consult a doctor after noticing a lump or mass on the abdomen, trunk, arms of legs. The lump may or may not be painful. There are several tests that can be used to diagnose sarcoma and determine whether it has spread.

Tests and procedures used to diagnose sarcoma:

  • Biopsy
    • A sample is taken by removing a piece of tissue from the lump/mass for examination and testing in the laboratory.
  • MRI/CT scans
    • Once a sarcoma is diagnosed, imaging tests are usually ordered to determine the spread and guide treatment. - Magnetic resonance scanning (MRI) of the site of the sarcoma can show the extent of the cancer and if it is operable - Computerised scans (CT) of the lungs and liver can determine if the cancer has spread.
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