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Pulpitis (Dental Pulp Inflammation)

Pulpitis (Dental Pulp Inflammation) - What it is

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the dental pulp. The dental pulp consists of connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves. The pulp is surrounded by enamel and dentine. When the integrity of the enamel and dentine is compromised, the pulp will be exposed to irritants. This provokes a response which you may feel as a toothache. Pulpitis may be

• Reversible – the pulp is able to heal if the irritation is removed such as by doing a filling in a tooth with decay.

• Irreversible – the pulp is unable to heal and requires pulp therapy or root canal treatment. 

 Diagram of Infected Versus Inflammed Pulp Tissue by the National Dental Centre Singapore

Pulpitis (Dental Pulp Inflammation) - How to prevent?

Pulpitis (Dental Pulp Inflammation) - Preparing for surgery

Pulpitis (Dental Pulp Inflammation) - Post-surgery care

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