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Middle Ear Infections - Acute Otitis Media

Middle Ear Infections - Acute Otitis Media - How to prevent?

It is impossible to prevent middle ear infection totally. However, some useful measures include:

  1. Discourage the use of pacifiers as this predisposes the child to middle ear infection. Also avoid letting the child drink while lying flat on his back.
  2. Wash hands and clean toys frequently as the viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections (flu/cold) can be transmitted by contact.
  3. Avoid being in a small room with other sick children or adults as respiratory tract infections can also be spread through the air.
  4. Breastfeeding is very useful in reducing the number of ear infections. A child should be nursed throughout the first year. Even a few weeks of breastfeeding can result in fewer ear infections.
  5. Vaccinate your child with the pneumococcal and flu vaccines as they help in the prevention of ear infections.
  6. Treat your child for allergies and avoid exposure to cigarette smoke.
  7. Ensure that the child gets sufficient sleep and good nutrition.

Middle Ear Infections - Acute Otitis Media - Preparing for surgery

Middle Ear Infections - Acute Otitis Media - Post-surgery care

Middle Ear Infections - Acute Otitis Media - Other Information

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