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Hypothyroidism (Child)

Hypothyroidism (Child) - Symptoms

Symptoms of hypothyroidism vary according to the age of the child. Some babies are born with hypothyroidism (congenital hypothyroidism).

Babies with hypothyroidism may have prolonged jaundice, poor feeding, constipation, cool skin, increased sleepiness, decreased crying, a large tongue and an umbilical hernia.

Over time, if untreated, hypothyroidism can result in poor growth, delayed dentition, delayed development and mental retardation. Hypothyroidism can develop in children and adults of any age. In older children and adults, hypothyroidism can cause a variety of symptoms including tiredness, being more sensitive to cold, mental fatigue, difficulty with learning, poor memory, dry skin and constipation.

Hypothyroidism (Child) - Diagnosis

Hypothyroidism (Child) - Preparing for surgery

Hypothyroidism (Child) - Post-surgery care

Hypothyroidism (Child) - Other Information

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