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Foot Corn and Callus

Foot Corn and Callus - What it is

Foot corn and callus can be treated at home.

Foot corns and calluses are among the most common conditions that can affect the feet. A callus is a diffuse area of thick skin. A foot corn is a localised area of thick skin which usually has a conical or circular shape.

It is estimated that on average people take around 4,000 steps per day, which equates to well over a million steps per year. It isn’t hard to imagine the amount of stress placed on your feet. Looking after your feet as much as possible will help prevent foot problems, such as foot corn and callus, which can impact your quality of life.

There are two main types of foot corn:

  • Hard foot corn is the most common type. It usually occurs over a bony part of the foot such as the forefoot or toes.
  • Soft foot corn is often whitish in colour and tends to develop between the toes where the skin may be wet or macerated (broken down).

Foot Corn and Callus - Symptoms

Foot Corn and Callus - Causes and Risk Factors

Foot Corn and Callus - Preparing for surgery

Foot Corn and Callus - Post-surgery care

Foot Corn and Callus - Other Information

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