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Flat Feet

Flat Feet - How to prevent?

Flat Feet - Treatments

Treating flat feet:

Like all health-related issues, it's important to recognise the problem as early as possible since its severity tends to worsen with time. Early treatments tend to be less invasive and are often associated with better outcomes than treatment at more advanced stages.

It is important to remember that there is no blanket treatment. Treatment would focus on specific aspects or parts of the foot that require modification or healing. This may be achieved in a number of ways. Often the first line of treatment is non-surgical.

Specific exercises such as calf stretching exercises, can be used in order to stretch and lengthen the Achilles tendon and posterior calf muscles, which can be involved in the development of a flat foot.

Insoles or orthotics may be used to correct the flat foot deformity or realign the foot and lower limbs. Your podiatrist or doctor can provide further details on appropriate Insoles or orthotics.

Surgery is usually only considered when the patient fails to respond to conservative measures (such as those above). Depending on the patient's specific condition, possible surgical procedures may involve:

  • Lengthening of the Achilles tendon
  • Calcaneal osteotomy (surgical shifting of the heel bone), which may help to re-align the rearfoot
  • Reconstruction of specific tendons, such as the tibialis posterior tendon

Flat Feet - Preparing for surgery

Flat Feet - Post-surgery care

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