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Dicopac Test

Dicopac Test - What it is

Overview of Dialysis

This is a 2-isotope test that helps to assess Vitamin B12 malabsorption and to determine whether it is due to defective secretion of gastric juice by the stomach or to defective absorption by the intestines. It requires collection of a 24-hour sample of urine. The Dicopac test is not performed for pregnant or breast-feeding women or for children under 16 years of age.


You have to fast 6 hours before your appointment. On the day of the test, you first void the urine from your bladder. You will then be given 2 capsules to swallow after which you will be given an injection. You have to continue to fast for 2 hours after the injection, after which you can take plenty of fluids and a normal diet. All urine voided 24 hours after the injection is to be collected into a container, which will be provided for you. You then return the 24-hour collection of urine to the Department the next day, for analysis.

Dicopac Test - Symptoms

Dicopac Test - How to prevent?

Dicopac Test - Causes and Risk Factors

Dicopac Test - Diagnosis

Dicopac Test - Treatments

Dicopac Test - Preparing for surgery

Dicopac Test - Post-surgery care

Dicopac Test - Other Information

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