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Chronic Lung Disease (Child)

Chronic Lung Disease (Child) - Symptoms

Chronic Lung Disease (Child) - How to prevent?

The best prevention for chronic lung disease is preventing prematurity in birth and reducing risks of infection in mother and child. Ventilation treatments must be customised to the patient. Anticipation and treatment of various risk factors such as PDA will also help to reduce incidence of chronic lung disease.

When To Seek Help

Chronic lung disease is diagnosed when a premature baby continues to have abnormal chest X-ray and still needs additional oxygen after reaching 36 weeks of gestational age. The x-ray of lungs with chronic lung disease often shows a bubbly and sponge-like appearance.

Chronic Lung Disease (Child) - Diagnosis

Chronic Lung Disease (Child) - Preparing for surgery

Chronic Lung Disease (Child) - Post-surgery care

Chronic Lung Disease (Child) - Other Information

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