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Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease - Treatments

​The type of treatment for cardiovascular disease varies and is based on specific diagnosis of the heart condition. In general, treatment for cardiovascular disease includes:

  • Lifestyle modifications: You can lower your risk of heart disease by up to 40% by following these 4 steps for a healthier lifestyle
    1. Stop smoking
    2. Take 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables daily           
    3. Achieve and maintain a healthy BMI between 18.5 to 22.9 kg/m2
    4. Exercise at least 150 minutes a week (moderate intensity exercise)

  • Medications: Your doctor may prescribe medications to manage your heart condition. The type of medication prescribed is dependent on the cause of the heart disease and its severity.

  • Medical procedures or surgery: While many can manage heart disease through lifestyle modifications or medications, your doctor may recommend a specific heart procedure or surgery to treat or manage the heart condition. The type of procedure or surgery recommended will depend on the cause and extent of heart disease and the individual’s risk level and suitability for a procedure or surgery.

Cardiovascular Disease - Preparing for surgery

Cardiovascular Disease - Post-surgery care

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