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Adrenal tumours

Adrenal tumours - Symptoms

Small, benign adrenal tumours usually cause no symptoms. Overproduction of hormones by adrenal tumours may cause symptoms such as:
  • Aldosterone: high blood pressure, low potassium levels
  • Cortisol: weight gain, thin skin which bruises easily, high blood pressure, high glucose levels or diabetes mellitus, low potassium levels
  • Adrenaline / noradrenaline: headaches, heart palpitations, panic attacks, turning pale, high blood pressure
  • Male hormones: Women may notice increased body and facial hair, acne and male pattern hair loss

Adrenal tumours - How to prevent?

Adrenal tumours - Causes and Risk Factors

Adrenal tumours - Preparing for surgery

Adrenal tumours - Post-surgery care

Adrenal tumours - Other Information

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