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Digital Medical Certificates

​A digital medical certificate (MC) is the online version of a paper medical certificate. Digital MCs can be accessed via a unique link under the main domain, for example,

Example of digital MC:

Digital MC

After your clinic consultation or hospital stay, you will receive an SMS with a unique link to your MC. You will need to unlock the digital MC with your date of birth. Once unlocked, you can forward the link to your employer. You will receive the SMS within 5 minutes of the doctor issuing the MC to you during your visit/hospital stay.

This is what an SMS looks like:

Digital MC - SMS

What should I do if I do not receive the SMS?

You can contact the clinics or centres that you visited to re-issue you a paper MC. You can also send an email to

Please ensure that the mobile number that you have provided to the healthcare institution is updated. You can check if your phone number and other personal details are updated via the SingHealth Health Buddy app.

If you require a printed copy, request from the care team during the consultation or when discharge from the wards.

Can I still get a paper MC?

You may print the digital MC if you wish. Paper MC will still be available to patients who request it.

For more information, visit SingHealth FAQs or MC.GOV.SG

Digital Medical CertificatesDigital Medical Certificates