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Meet the Beneficiaries


Every donation is important. Every dollar of your support is invaluable to our beneficiaries. Because of generous donors like you, our beneficiaries can receive the medical help that they needed most. Your donation today can make a difference in someone's tomorrow!

Meet the Beneficiaries

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"Both the SGH Needy Patients Fund and Needy Renal Patients Fund helped not only to waive my outstanding medical bills then, but to fund some of my interim dialysis needs as well. I have been feeling better and less stressed by the financial burdens since then."

- Mr Haizan Bin Solhan, beneficiary of SGH Needy Patients Fund and SGH Needy Renal Patients Fund

"Without your generous gesture, my twin daughters will be missing out on life's simple pleasure like hearing each other's laughter. Your kindness has helped me in many ways. It's such a blessing to know that someone cares. Thank you so much."

- Parent of twin girls, Lilyrae and Raelynn, who have benefitted from the SGH ENT-Pediatric Hearing Aids Fund

"Needy Renal Patients Fund has really helped me relieve my financial burden a lot for dialysis... Really helped me relieve a lot of burdens. Thank you to all the donors!"

- Mr Gay Peng Kin, patient and beneficiary of The SGH Needy Renal Patients Fund


"Research is our only hope for cure. I volunteer for medical exams and clinical trials to return the help and care I've received."

- Ms Haslina Wannor, 1st Scleroderma patient in Singapore to undergo Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

"I am very thankful for the support given to me when it was difficult for me to get help. I hope that more people in need can continue to benefit from the generosity that I have received from this SGH Needy Patients Fund."

- Madam Salbiah, a beneficiary of the SGH Needy Patients Fund