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Meet our Staff Donors

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With your partnership and support, we can make that difference together!

Staff Giving is a collective giving towards a cause which can create a significant impact, especially during and challenging difficult times.

You can make a donation to any SGH causes that you are passionate about. Every dollar counts and there is no amount too small. You can make a one-time gift to achieve an immediate impact or a monthly gift to create a sustainable impact on the causes that you support.

Meet our Staff Donors


Ms Salimah Binte Mohd Ayoob | Deputy Director, Nursing | Nursing Administration

I support the SGH Needy Patients Fund as I feel it is such a small part I could do. SGH has so many patients whom require help and support which they certainly can benefit from, in so many possible ways and means.
Taking a quote from Anne Frank, "No one has ever become poor by giving." To me, personally, it is indeed so true.


Ms Wong Cai Fong | Programme Coordinator | Neurology

I am paying forward and also being a role model for the young one to be kind and compassion. Giving hope to the needy ones to help move forward together especially at critical times.


Associate Professor Anantham Devanand | Senior Consultant | Respiratory Medicine

Giving is an act of solidarity, not pity. We are all in this together. No one truly wins unless we all win.


Ms Farhana Binte Jaffar | Assistant Nurse Clinician | Ambulatory Surgery Centre

It can change someone's life. Things that we take for granted, can be unattainable luxuries to many others. Every little bit counts. No matter the scale of your contributions, we together can make a difference to someone's life. And as Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."



Dr Cheong May Anne | Senior Resident | Haematology


Blessed to be a blessing!

All of us have our own little stories as to what inspired us to start the SGH Solidarity Pledge. For me, I was truly astonished by the overwhelming support and food donations for frontliners. This really got me thinking as to how we can translate these blessings to even greater use for others who need it, even more than we do.


Ms Annie Lau | Senior Nurse Manager | Ward 48 - Medical Oncology

I give because I believe that doing our little bit for the society will make a difference to someone in need and what is caring without sharing?


Ms Cindy Ma | Senior Manager | Liver Transplant Unit

Being able to help those in need in anyway is a privilege and an honour. I am so glad to be able to have this opportunity to try and make a difference for someone. All of us making a small contribution in time, effort or monetary donation will bring a big smile to those experiencing difficulties in their lives.