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Helping Our Patients

Inspire hope and lend a helping hand to patients in need today! Gifts to patient care support the recovery journey of patients in need and their families until alternate funding sources are available on a long term basis. Find out more about the impact of your gift here >

Giving & Philanthropy

Needy Patients Fund

Your generous support will provide necessary and timely medical treatment and critical care that are not covered under MediFund. Help patients in need tide over their most difficult time until alternate funding sources are available.
Giving & Philanthropy

Prevent Rectal and Colon Cancer through Endoscopy (SPRUCE) Fund

Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer affecting Singaporeans age above 50. Your gift will support needy patients with costs of endoscopy and medical consumables not covered by MediFund. With your support, they can prevent colon cancer with early diagnosis and cures.
Giving & Philanthropy

Healthy Communities Fund

Support frontline healthcare workers’ service and care for the more vulnerable in our communities, especially needy patients with multiple medical conditions, with essential nursing services, doctor visits and medical support.
Giving & Philanthropy

SGH200 Knee Initiative

Your donation will go a long way in helping these patients regain their mobility and integrate back to society, positively improving their quality of life.