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Meet our Awardees

I had an interest to pursue a career in the healthcare industry which will give me opportunities to interact with different people every day at work. I chose Physiotherapy in particular, as I would like to improve patients’ physical mobility and function. With an ageing population, there would be an increasing demand for qualified healthcare workers. I see the need and want to do my part in caring for our patients. I want to make an impact or difference to someone’s life. There are many job opportunities and scope of work out there and I thought that working in a hospital or in the community will fulfil my aspiration of making a difference.

I chose SGH as SGH is one of the most well-established and reputable hospitals with the experienced healthcare team, resources and the wide range of clinical specialties for me to develop myself as a physiotherapist, providing holistic care for an aging population. The sponsorships gave me the opportunity to be trained as a Physiotherapist in Nanyang Polytechnic and completed a degree conversion.  It assured me of a job after graduation and provided opportunities for personal growth and personal fulfilment. 

Courses sponsored by SGH : 
1. Diploma in Physiotherapy at Nanyang Polytechnic
2. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Degree Conversion) at Singapore Institute of Technology

Lim Si Qi

After an unfulfilling first job as an assistant credit control executive, I joined the Singapore Prison Service as a Senior Prison Officer. I enjoyed the 4-year stint and learnt a lot from the job but still felt something was missing. In 2003, I chanced upon an advertisement about Nanyang Polytechnic’s Accelerated Nursing Programme and went for the talk. After the talk and much thought, I decided to enrol in the programme. I was still looking out as I wanted a rewarding opportunity that could make a difference in someone’s life. The Accelerated Diploma programme gave me the opportunity for a career switch.

Nursing grow on me. I found my niche. I enjoy patient interaction as I get to experience making a difference. Feedback is very immediate. It adds meaning to my life, and I add meaning to the lives of others. It's a joy when patients remember you as the nurse who cared for him/her. It solidified my passion for nursing. At SGH, there are many opportunities for advancement. It has given me so much professional and personal growth. I get to train for a job I will enjoy! Now, I have a deeper understanding of my patients’ condition and a much wider knowledge base to draw upon when I consider their care. Besides opening doors for my career, the sponsorship provided opportunities for many rich and valuable experiences. At the different courses, I learn from and network with nurses from other discipline/institution. 

The first challenge I face as a Nurse is to stay current as knowledge is growing exponentially. Care is transforming and shifting. The nursing profession must keep pace with such developments to ensure the continued delivery of high quality, safe, and effective patient care. However, with the rapid advances in healthcare, none of us will have the capability to know everything. One important skill we will need will be the ability to go out to get the right knowledge for the right purpose at the right time. The second challenge is the increasingly complex practice environment. The patient-care environment is becoming increasingly complex with a growing population of patients who are older and more acutely ill. Patients are more educated and have high expectations of nurses. There is a need for nurses today to be highly trained, well-educated, critical thinkers to enable them to make complex clinical decisions and take on newly expanded roles. 

Courses sponsored by SGH : 
1. Diploma in Nursing (Accelerated) at Nanyang Polytechnic
2. Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Neuroscience) at Nanyang Polytechnic
3. Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Curtin University of Technology
4. Master of Nursing at National University of Singapore

Sin Irene
Nurse Clinician II (APN) 

As a healthcare professional, it is essential to underpin clinical practice through evidence-based knowledge in order to ensure the delivery of quality care to our patients. I started noticing areas in my clinical practice which can be improved through research, and the potential of enhancing my limitation in research experience to bring about improvement. This led me to appreciate the need for sound research skills and informed knowledge.

I was most grateful to SGH for awarding me the Scholarship to pursue a PhD, and to Department of Diagnostic Radiology for supporting my application. Doing a PhD had turned out to be a completely different experience to what expected. It is a vast undertaking with no clearly defined routes through it. Psychological preparation, good time-management skills and self-motivation are essential to meet deadlines. As an apprentice in research, I eventually learnt to chart my own path through countless research projects, becoming increasingly more independent, skilled and knowledgeable as the project progresses and develops. It fosters a long-term vision that drives the desire for lifelong, and self-directed learning.  

Courses sponsored by SGH : 
1. Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography at Nanyang Polytechnic
2. Advanced Diploma in Sonography at Nanyang Polytechnic
3. Doctor of Philosophy at Monash University

Dr Ooi Chin Chin
Snr Principal Radiographer II (Research) 

I received my first scholarship from SGH in 2008, when I was with the pioneer batch of local degree nurses from the Alice Lee Center of Nursing studies at the National University of Singapore. Back then, as I was embarking on my career as a nurse, and with my very limited knowledge about hospitals and the medical world, I remember very clearly, telling myself, that there was only one hospital that stood out to me, that seemed a little different from the rest, where I felt, somehow, that my potential and opportunities would be stretched and maximized, and that was SGH. 

The more experience I gained in my career as a nurse, the more I wanted to further my education so that I could practice at an even higher level. SGH was ready to support me all the way, and in May 2015 I left for Philadelphia to pursue a 15-month Masters of Nursing programme at the University of Pennsylvania. Being an International student, it was extremely difficult to secure a place at PENN, and I am deeply grateful for the support, faith, and patience that the organization showed me during those years of preparation.

Courses sponsored by SGH : 
1. Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) at National University of Singapore
2. Master in Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programme at University of Pennsylvania

Phone Ko Joanna
Senior Staff Nurse I (Spec'lty Care)

I took on social work in my first year at the National University of Singapore (NUS). In that module, the school arranged for Medical Social Workers to share their on-the-job experiences. Their passion and zeal proved infectious and I found my calling in their profession. I received the SGH Scholarship in 2010, and had a very experienced Senior Medical Social Worker to mentor me. He was passionate about his work, and was a source of inspiration for me during my undergraduate and post-graduate studies. 

It’s a privilege to be journeying with patients through their illnesses. I’m thankful for the chance to witness human resilience every day. My profession has taught me to appreciate life and live it to the fullest.

Course sponsored by SGH: Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours in Social Work) at National University of Singapore 

Shi Zeshen Clinton 
Medical Social Worker 

This opportunity has served as a great platform to update myself with the latest in patient care, treatment and research methodologies. It has helped me better my skills as a clinical dietitian. It has also made me a better educator by allowing me to develop additional courses and teaching materials in the area of diabetes.

I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge in an area of my interest. It has allowed me to look at the management of this group of patients from different angles. 

Course sponsored by SGH: Masters in Diabetes at The University of Warwick

Kala Adaikan
Senior Principal Dietitian

SGH is the oldest and largest tertiary flagship hospital in Singapore. Renowned for being an academic teaching hospital, SGH strives to develop her staff professionally to achieve their full potential. 

This was the reason why I applied and took up the SGH scholarship programme. 

This scholarship has allowed me to attain my professional aspiration with the support from the management of SGH. I am grateful for all the professional development opportunities and support provided by SGH. 

I am proud to be part of SGH and privileged to be an SGH scholarship recipient.

Courses sponsored by SGH :
1. Diploma in Nursing at Nanyang Polytechnic
2. Advanced Dip in Nursing (Oncology) at Nanyang Polytechnic
3. Master of Nursing at National University of Singapore 
Hwang Chung Cheng
Senior Nurse Clinician (APN)