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Psychologist - Henry Lew

Henry Lew Yuen Foong

Senior Psychologist

Being a psychologist in Singapore General Hospital offers many opportunities to learn and enhance one's skills and knowledge. Psychologists are involved in clinical work like psychotherapy sessions at outpatient clinics and psychological interventions for inpatients. We also conduct psychotherapy and psychological treatment programmes in groups. In addition, some of us are also involved in administering psychometric assessments.

Psychologists serve and attend to a variety of patients. We help those who present with different conditions like mood disorders, such as depression, and anxiety disorders. Some of us developed specific expertise in helping individuals with eating disorders. There are also opportunities to learn and work within a multidisciplinary team to help patients with health-related conditions like chronic pain, obesity and insomnia.  

Besides working with patients, some psychologists are also involved in teaching and supervision of students, and mentoring and guidance of junior staff. Others are involved in research studies and projects that enhance interventions and service delivery.   

It is an honour to journey with patients on their path. You bear witness to the resilience, strengths and skills within them amidst their struggles. You collaborate with them to tailor evidence-based treatment to cope with challenges of life and their medical conditions. And you see them beam with joy and peace, and bloom into their full potential for living a life of quality when they are able to tap into the wisdom and treasures within them. 

Working in SGH is fulfilling the emphasis on continual learning and staff development helps you to develop your potential. The organization also constantly strives to provide quality of service and ensures safety and care of patients. You are being supported as the organization is committed to ensure staff welfare and well being. And, you see a community of talented and dedicated professionals working together unanimously for the betterment of patients' health.