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Psychologist - Aly Ang

Testimonial by Ms Ang Lui Yee (Aly Ang)

Senior Psychologist

Psychologists at Singapore General Hospital are dedicated and committed to journeying with our patients who have come to us to seek help, support and healing in their lives. We serve patients who present with mental health conditions and also work alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver multidisciplinary-informed care for patients who are also struggling with physical health conditions such as chronic pain, obesity, etc. Our work with our patients includes providing psychotherapy sessions both in outpatient clinics and inpatient wards, support & therapy intervention groups, as well as neuropsychological assessments.

In addition to our clinical work with patients, there are also opportunities to be involved in education and research work.  Psychologists could look to developing skills and experiences in mentoring and supervising junior colleagues and Psychology students, as well as to pursue research interests through studies and projects within and beyond the department.

At SGH, we believe that mental health is an essential part of one’s life journey. And therapy is a process through which we could equip our patients with relevant coping skills and to provide them with a safe & supportive space as they navigate through this journey and learn (or unlearn) ways to care for their mental well-being.

For me, it has been a privilege to be called to journey with our patients and to bear witness to their humanity. I am thankful for the patients’ trust and the support I have received from the organization that have allowed me to continue doing this work.