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TriGen is a nonprofit organisation made up of healthcare professionals who are passionate about serving the elderly and nurturing the next generation to do the same. Our volunteers are health and social care professionals who lead and mentor youth volunteers in small teams. Through home visits, their teams provide holistic care for vulnerable seniors through befriending, providing medical support and helping with their social needs 


We envision a healthy and inclusive society where every generation in Singapore can experience the protection, care and love of a family. 


We aim to serve the medical and social needs of our elderly population by providing holistic care. Through the service – learning approach, we will inculcate important values, educate and empower our youths to be champions of their communities. 

Our Programmes 



TriGen@SGH's HomeCare Programme is a volunteer-led home care service where healthcare professionals lead youth teams to address the medical and social needs of seniors through fortnightly to monthly check-ins via home visits and tele-consults. 



TriGen@SGH's HealthStart Programme brings together medically trained volunteers and youths to educate and motivate residents to take charge of their health by adopting technology. 


Upper left:
Group photo taken during HomeCare volunteer training 

Upper right:  Training our youth volunteers in preparation for home visits for HomeCare 

Bottom left: A TriGen volunteer team with their elderly during home visits for HomeCare 

Bottom right:  Group photo taken during HealthStart volunteer training 

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