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PHICO's Tele-Care was initiated in March 2020. The team consisting of nurses and care coordinator associates, provides telephonic support for patients' post-discharge and outpatient management of chronic diseases and other health conditions.


As patients discharge from hospital, the SGH Tele-Carers and doctors from the Family Medicine and Continuing Care department aim to support patients' recovery at home by working together with patients and caregivers to ease their transition from hospital to home. The team conducts telephonic monitoring and education to patients and/or caregivers, so as to empower them in self-management of their medical conditions and to stay in good health within their communities.


The aim of Tele-Care is to promote and develop an empowered population in chronic disease self-management. The team establishes clear health goals and action plans with patients/caregivers through motivational interviewing techniques, on the following aspects of health:

  • Fundamental chronic disease knowledge
  • Symptom and long-term care management
  • Risks, complications and disease progression
  • Health behaviour change
  • Lifestyle adaptations

Video Consultation

Video consultation is also available to allow patients to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. Via a video conferencing platform, our Hospital to Home doctors and nurses will be able to see patients, assess, and provide advice to manage their conditions remotely.


Download a copy of the Video Consultation brochure here:

VC brochure.pdf (89KB PDF)