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Rehabilitation for ERAS Knee Arthroplasty

‚ÄčTimeline of Recovery

Preparing for your Surgery

Ensure that you have made arrangements for the first few days after your discharge. Examples (only if required):

  • Getting family members to be with you to allow you time to settle at home
  • Arrange for meals to be delivered to you
  • Familiarise yourself with the knee exercises

Day of Surgery

  • Your doctor and physiotherapist will assess your suitability to commence physiotherapy when you are out of surgery
  • You physiotherapist will see you to revise your exercises
  • After which, you will be guided to stand and walk with the appropriate walking aid

Day after Surgery

On the next day, your physiotherapist will see you before you go home. You will learn how to climb the stairs and will be assessed for the type of walking aid that you should use at home to ensure your safety and recovery

How to use a walking aid?

Using a walking frame

  • Move the walking frame about one foot length in front
  • Move the operated leg, followed by the non-operated leg

Using a Broad Based / Narrow Based Quad / Walking Stick

  • Hold the stick on the side of the non-operated leg.
  • Place the stick one foot length forward, followed by the operated leg. (You may do this simultaneously if you are able to)

Going Up and Down Stairs

Stairs (Up)

  • Step up with the non-operated leg first.
  • Then move the operated leg and stick onto the same step.

Stairs (Down)

  • Place the stick on the step below.
  • Step down with the operated leg, followed by the non-operated leg.