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Ultrasound Elastography Lab

Ultrasound elastography shows promise as a potential adjunct to conventional ultrasound in the evaluation of various tissue injuries and diseases. This evolving technique enhances the conventional ultrasound examination by providing additional information on the elastic properties of tissue alongside the morphological and vascular information obtained from B-mode and Doppler imaging. Our area of interest is in evaluating the clinical utility of ultrasound elastography in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of various musculo-tendinous diseases; assessment of chronic liver disease and portal hypertension (collaboration with Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology) as well as allograft fibrosis in renal transplant recipients (collaboration with Department of Renal Medicine). Our team, comprising of radiologists and sonographers, is also collaborating with Division of Surgical Oncology, NCCS, investigating the clinical applications of ultrasound elastography in evaluating post-irradiation neck fibrosis in patients with head and neck cancer.


Kindly contact the team consisting of Dr Png Meng Ai, Dr Ooi Chin Chin, Dr Lim Sze Ying, and Ms Azizah Mohd Afif for more information.


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