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Prostate Cancer Imaging Program

As a clinical radiologist who subspecializes in genitourinary radiology, Dr Law Yan Mee's clinical interests include benign and malignant male and female genitourinary diseases, structural and functional pelvic floor disorders, kidney cancer and prostate cancer.  Dr Law believes in the critical role of radiologists in clinical support and endeavors to support her clinical colleagues in the areas of clinical care and research.

Dr Law's research interests include the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in early detection of prostate cancer, risk stratification in patients at risk of developing prostate cancer, focal therapy in treatment of localized prostate cancer, endometriosis and gynecology cancers. Together with the urologists from Department of Urology (SGH), they pioneered the use of MRI in early detection of prostate cancer in at risk patients through MRI-ultrasound fusion targeted robotic biopsy. Dr Law has also collaborated with Clinical Assistant Professor Tay Kae Jack from the Department of Urology (SGH) and a co-investigator in a NMRC Clinician Scientist Individual Research Grant in focal therapy of prostate cancer.


Please contact Dr Law Yan Mee at for more information.


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