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Neurodegenerative Research Program

The Neurodegenerative Research Program uses advanced quantitative MRI techniques to understand pathophysiological changes in the brain and improve clinical diagnosis.

The aim is to assess the utility of multimodal MR imaging in evaluating the brain in patients with various neurological disorders and to identify potential radiological biomarkers.

The program focuses on neuroimaging of the Parkinsonism, normal pressure hydrocephalus and dementia. The team utilises radiographic markers and multimodal MRI imaging to differentiate different types of parkinsonism and dementia, localize and characterize brain atrophy, midbrain and white matter changes, and quantitate microstructural and functional connectivity changes in the evaluation of clinical parkinsonism, gait and cognitive dysfunction. More information is available at the SGH MRI Research Lab

Neuromelanin-sensitive MRI (left), QSM (middle) and SMWI (right) in healthy subject (top) and PD patient (bottom). Neuromelanin hyperintensity was reduced while there was an increase of iron deposition in QSM and elevated SMWI signals in PD patient. Nigrosome-1 (yellow arrow) was clearly seen in healthy subject but was lost in PD patient.


Axial FLAIR, sagittal 3D SPACE and coronal MPRAGE (extreme columns) and axial color FA (mid panels) images of a patient with normal pressure hydrocephalus (left) demonstrating an enlarged Evans’ index >0.3, dynamic high velocity flow void in the patent cerebral aqueduct and an acute callosal angle. The splenial angle, a novel angular index for evaluation of normal pressure hydrocephalus, is narrowed on the axial color FA map when compared to that in the healthy elderly (right).


Please contact A/Prof Chan Ling Ling at for more information.


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