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COVID Imaging and Impact on Radiological Operations

COVID -19 has created challenges to healthcare systems and its workers across the globe. It has forced hospitals to reorganize their operational workflows, compelled educators to teach in safe-distancing mode, and taken a toll on the mental health of healthcare workers. Given its status as an international hub with close geographical and business ties to China, Singapore was a natural route of early COVID dissemination. As such, SGH had an opportunity to serve as a thought leader in the field of COVID operations, education, and wellness, and influence the early COVID literature in this regard.

Imaging plays an integral part in the diagnosis and management of COVID-19. Computed tomography (CT) has proven sensitive in detecting early imaging features of COVID-19 in settings where virological test kits have been limited or falsely negative. However, chest CT is not recommended in areas of low disease prevalence due to a substantial rate of false-positives. Although chest radiography (CXR) is less sensitive, it is an attractive tool in the initial assessment of patients given its cost, portability, and ease of decontamination. Improved understanding of radiographic findings that are commonly encountered in COVID-19 will aid prompt diagnosis and enhance diagnostic workflow. Moreover, an objective COVID-19 Radiographic Score (CRS) based on the extent and density of airspace opacification not only correlates with the known laboratory markers of disease severity but can also predict the need for supplemental oxygen and ICU admission. A benign clinical course can be expected in patients with normal or very mild CXR abnormalities. 


Kindly reach out to Drs Chan Lai Peng, Lionel Cheng, Haja Mohideen Salahudeen Mohamed and Robert Chen for more information.


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