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Fellowship in Ultrasound Imaging

Training program and objectives:

  • The Department of Ultrasound at Singapore General Hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and performs more than 3500 cases a month, comprising hepatobiliary, genitourinary, vascular, neck and small part imaging. Being part of the hospital’s Transplant team, the department also performs a significant number of liver and renal transplant Doppler ultrasound.
  • Fellows are expected to participate in the clinical service, including reporting and some hands-on scanning experience. Fellows will also get the opportunity to experience advanced ultrasound techniques such as contrast-enhanced ultrasound and elastography. 
  • Involvement in research is encouraged. The program is also enhanced with monthly clinical educational activities and other academic sessions within the Department of Radiological Sciences. 
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound (which is part of the musculoskeletal radiology fellowship program), peripheral arterial Doppler ultrasound and ultrasound-guided intervention are excluded from this program. 


  • Dr Ng Leng Tai, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Png Meng Ai, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Chan Lai Peng, Senior Consultant & Head of Department
  • Dr Albert Low Su Chong, Senior Consultant
  • Dr P Chandra Mohan, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Law Yan Mee, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Chea Yen Wei, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Lim Sze Ying, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Lishya Liauw, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Lim Teh Aun, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Richard Lo, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Nanda Kumar, Consultant, Director of Ultrasound
  • Dr Sarat Kumar, Consultant
  • Dr Eddy Cheong, Consultant
  • Dr Elizabeth Cheong, Associate Consultant, Deputy Director of Ultrasound

Admission Criteria

Minimum requirements for all Fellows :

  • Postgraduate medical qualification in Radiology e.g. FRCR, MMed or equivalent 
  • 2 years of postgraduate training experience in relevant specialty 
  • Proven competency in English language (to fulfill Singapore Medical Council’s criteria for medical registration for clinical fellowship) 

Fellowship Application

  • Please submit application electronically or download application form at
  • All current and future employment (please indicate if none) must be indicated on application form. Incomplete forms will be rejected in the first instance.
  • Electronic mail is the main line of communication; it is in your interest to respond to these promptly. 
  • Failure to adhere to timelines (PGMI queries, source document verification, English competency exams) following approval of application may result in withdrawal of fellowship offer. 
  • A minimum of 9 months is required from closing date of application to commencement of fellowship.  

Sponsorship for Fellowship

Successful applicants may be given a stipend on a case by case basis. To apply, please indicate on the fellowship application form that funding is required.

For more information on Ultrasound Imaging Fellowship

Please contact Dr. Nanda Kumar Karaddi Venkatanarasimha, Senior Consultant, Director of Ultrasound Imaging at